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By Andertech

Andertech provides highly skilled software solutions for the automation industry. We have developed our own software, with no high licens costs. That runs on an All-in-one touch screen. Our software can be custom build to our customers needs.

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Lowest digital weight on the market

ANDERTECH proprietary scale technology

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Gravimetric dosing and blending WSB series

The most popular gravimetric blenders worldwide. In productions using virgin, masterbatch and regrind to be dosed and mixed in the right ratio, Maguire's WSB series is unique compared to volumemetric systems or with productions completely without dosing equipment. The exact output and consumption of masterbatch fluctuate from customer to customer but payback periods of 8-18 months are not uncommon when we compare the WSB systems to for example, volumetric systems. Maguire have 9 blender series with over 120 models plus options to add on a range of feeders for pellets and powders as well as integrate liquid colour, with capacity up to 5.500 kg/h.

Complete management and total control of a processors most expensive operational cost – raw materials.

Gravimetric feeder MGF series

This compact loss-in-weight additive feeder precisely measures the amount of additive that is fed directly into the machine throat to eliminate costly waste. The MGF can be used for both injection or extrusion applications and comes in 3 different models.

Vacuum dryers VBD series

LineMaster technology makes advanced yield control available without the need for large, complex, and costly hardware systems such as Loss-in-Weight blenders. It is now possible to achieve consistent accuracy in material consumption and product quality.

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Your expert for electrostatic separation.

Andertech is a distributor of various solutions within metal detectors and metal separation systems. Hamos has for more than 25 years delivered equipment and systems for metal separation, for sorting and for recycling of plastics and other materials.

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Polymer Processing

Plastic Systems

Advanced plastic solutions

Andertech is distributor for a wide range of drying and Crystallizer technology to the plastics industry. Plastic Systems began in 1994 with devolopment of dryers to PET production and have since devoloped a large range of dryers: Hot air dryers, Compressed-air dryers, dry air dryers (Desiccant TWIN TOWER, WHEEL and loss-in-weight system technology).

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Kreyenborg Plant Technology

Infrared Drying Technology

KREYENBORG has been manufacturing machines for mixing and conveying for over 60 years. And specialized in innovative solutions for storing, drying, metering and mixing of demanding bulk solids in the plastic, food and chemical industries. Kreyenborg have been a global partner and solution provider to the plastic industry for more than 50 years. In addition to innovative turn-key solutions for bulk material handling, Kreyenborgs core competences are in the fields of drying, crystallization, storage, mixing, conveying and dosing of plastics.

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