Inspection and quality control systems

NDC Technologies

Thickness/grammage measurement, continuously on web production, coating and lamination lines

Andertech have presented NDC in Denmark for over 20 years. Recently Andertech have been pointed as distributor for the Nordic countries. NDC Technologies is used in field of web gauging solutions for quality control on extrusion & coating lines producing film/foils/coatings and nonwovens. NDC Technologies is a leading manufacturer/supplier of especially license free infrared sensors, scanners and measurement evaluation software platforms for the extrusion, calendaring or converting industry. NDC have customers worldwide and Nordic in different field of application

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Dr. Schenk

Optical inspection, continuously on web production, coating and lamination lines

Recently Andertech have been distributor for German based company Dr.schenk for the Nordic countries. Dr. Schenk working as Solution provider for local defect detection & overall properties monitoring by design & manufacture, modular in-line and off-line inspection and measure systems, quality & process control of flat surface inspection for the Plastic, Nonwoven, Textile, Paper, Metal, Glass, Display & Touch panel, Solar and Material handling, Customized solutions. • A pioneer in the field of industrial optical inspection with camera-based systems • The leading expert for AOI solutions • Leading expert of multi-camera/multichannel/multi-scanline system • Fast Cameras/Dual line CMOS / 8K • MIDA: combining different viewing angles in a single camera row

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